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Does Aircraft Noise Pollution Affect Children less than Adults?

Aircraft noise pollution is annoying, and studies show, that it damages your health. How do children cope with the noise caused by airplanes? A new study examined the risks of aircraft noise pollution for children living in the vicinity of the Cologne / Bonn Airport. Aircraft Noise Pollutions Appears to Have Less Importance for Children […]

How to Be More Creative and What Silence Has to Do With it

Creativity may well be the most precious asset of the human mind. Continual innovation is the decisive characteristic of our history. From the invention of stone tools some three million years ago to the World Wide Web, robotics and artificial intelligence of our day and age, creativity is driving the accelerated change of our societies. Understanding how to […]

Moving into Silence – a Simple Thing that is Hard to Do

The Two Inseparable Sides of Moving into Silence Moving into silence is a highly subjective, individual experience. Whatever the circumstances for one’s desire for quietness may be, it aims at feeling balance and peacefulness. There is an outer dimension to the need for stillness, like getting away from an overly noisy environment and avoiding human […]

How the Film ‘A Quiet Place’ Titillates the Dark Side of Noise Pollution Anger

Intercontinental flights are a chance to catch up on movies. I am generally oblivious of what is hot in Hollywood. Too tired to work but not yet jaded enough to sleep, I flick through the latest movies in the in-flight entertainment system and voila, ‘A Quiet Place’ catches my attention. Easy enough as I am into […]

How Noise Pollution Makes You Unhappy and What to Do About it

Too much noise quite literally makes our living circumstances miserable. We can feel the effects of noise pollution in our guts. But the very nature of discomfort over annoying sounds makes it difficult for our minds actually to understand how the distress comes to be. Under the influence of severe noise pollution, we want it […]