Keeping Things Simple

Keeping things simple is the art to focus on what matters in life.

Less is truly more as the refinement of simplicity becomes the catalyst of growth. Simple is not easy. But keeping things simple is the understanding that we realize the deeper complexities of life once we cut out the noise of clutter.

This absence of complication is the essence of Leonardo Da Vinci’s wisdom that ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’

How to be alone – Finding Strength and not Despair in Solitude

Thinking about how to be alone implies that it is not easy. Or not even natural. While being in solitude may not always be easy, it is certainly a natural part of life. And let's raise the stakes on that statement: Mastering how to be alone is a ...

Keeping Things Simple in Life – Move from Noise to Growth

Keeping things simple in life is against our culture's consumerist narrative. But living simply or minimalist out of a contrarian motivation misses the more profound wisdom of simplicity. The sociologist Niklas Luhman once said that a society's ...

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